Gladioli & Yellow Jug

Rachel's work reveal her passion for vivid colour, a legacy from a childhood spent in Big Sur. Living amidst wild plunging hillscapes and ever changing seascapes.

Following a move to England, Rachel studued textiles at West Sussex School of Art & Design. In the 1980's she set up and operated her own textile business near Hexham in Northumberland, selling lo Liberty, Harvey Nichols and many other outlets in UK and USA.

In 1992 she moved south to Selborne in Hampshire where, lacking the space for making textiles, she turned to painting, specifically in pastels. Typically these feature the carefully judged grouping of plant and pottery forms against the richly patterned background of a Turkish kilim, an Uzbeki suzani, or an Indian phulkari. Thus a still-life by Rachel is instantly recognizable.

She has also experimented with pastel to create small, intense landscapes of the Mediterranean coast and Hampshire countryside.

Recently Rachel has introduced oils into her still-life pastels, creating a new layer of intense colour, juxtaposed and intertwined with the chosen objects.

For more information on Rachel Healey's work contact [email protected]

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Gladioli & Yellow Jug
Pastel & Oil on paper
28cm x 28cm £295